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Oceanic Bliss: Seagrass Dreaming

Seagrass life danced, drawn and animated

2015-2016 Oceanic Bliss:
Seagrass Dreaming

1210mm x 1213mm.
Oil on cotton duck. (Detail)

Dots and lines trace gestures of Antarctic scientist Andrew Davidson,drawings of seagrass and phytoplankton, and feelings of knowledge expanding through collaboration with marine biologist William Gladstone(Bill).

Andrew's gestures reflect his verbal explanationof how microscopic phytoplankton participate in maintaining Earth's life-giving chemistry.

My lines reflect experience of swimming in seagrass and seagrass life forms that I see through microscopes.

The marks combine to express my experience and understanding expanding from conversations and field work with Bill. I now appreciate the power of seagrass as protector of shorelines and its tremendous role in sequestering (locking away) C02 from our increasingly polluted atmosphere.

This painting is part of the installation Oceanic Blisscreated with Bill for Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney.

Since 2012 Bill and I have collaborated to develop the Living Dataprogram, creating environments for people to experience and understand, as both artists and scientists.
Our presentations and workshops invite exploration of the surprising diversity and interdependence within our changing natural world.