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Oceanic Bliss: Living Seagrass, detail (2016-2017)
Created with scientist William Gladstone

Our land itself contains the power to seed and grow Treaty - all we have to do is grasp and wield this powerful force, visually, scientifically, and musically. This display of the intricate, multilayered web of life and culture that sustains us all, grasps this power and charges its viewers with a communal responsibility to protect and care for country.

Elizabeth Shepherd,
Indigenous Australian musician and composer, writer and artist
May 28, 2019


Lisa Roberts has successfully combined art and technology in the interactive, multimedia world of computer animation and graphics. As a figurative and perceptual painter, she has a love of movement, line and form and their distinct relationships with light. She expresses this through a diverse range of visual media.

Melville & Rollinson, Australian Art and Artists,
Science Press, Sydney 1996