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Artist and scholar Dr Tracey Benson is preparing to stage the 'Meeting of the Waters' online conference. She invites speakers to record their stories of water to share with conference delegates.

Dr Andrew Constable has had a long career in Antarctic science, working in the ice and at the headquarters of the Australian Antarctic Division, developing models to predict changes in the Southern Ocean that are most likely to change life as we know it. He works with artists to combine scientific data and subjective responses.

Q: Tell us a little about your work and how it relates to water.

A: I am a marine scientist, drawn to the body of water covering almost 70% of our home. I have worked on, in and around our oceans and the connection of people to them. My thoughts and work are about how to reorient people’s aspirations towards connecting with each other and our world because we can no longer escape wrought lives and environments.

Q: Describe one of your water projects.

A: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean connects all people and continents. It has been part of human consciousness for millennia. Despite the ravages it has experienced, it can still become a symbol of human consciousness being able to choose not to destroy everything in the home and to manage within our means.

Q: What are the most critical issues related to water?

A: Awareness that, like the air, what happens in one place affects another. Water is a symbol of the connection of people. It’s health is a sign of how we respect each other.

Q: What else do you want to talk about, related to water?

A: Everything and nothing.