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A wise tale of the origins and joys of life

1991 Sophie: a wise tale of the origins and joys of life. Film, colour 16mm
Sophie is a film I made in 1991 with funds from the Australian Film Commission. The story is by Carmel Bird. Carmel's words are spoken by my daughter Katherine Brown. I made the animation and commissioned Andrew Quin to make music in response. This is a digitized copy of a VHS tape of the original film that was screened at the 1991 Melbourne Film Festival.


First of all Sophie was a fish
and then she became a wonderful snake
and then a bird.
Sophie became an angel.
She could dance and sing,
'I am sophie, Sophie, Sophie, and I can play the violin.'
Then she turned into a baby girl.
Sophie was born.
And then one day, Sophie gave a concert
And in the music she turned into a fish, a snake, a bird.
Sophie became again the angel that whe was before.
And the people knew and on their backs their own wings grew.
And they rose up into the air with her
And Sophie played and played and played.

Carmel Bird 1984