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Oceanic Living Data 2014
with William Gladstone, University of Technology Sydney


Coccolithophorids 2014
Data: Australian Antarctic Division
Animation/Installation: Lisa Roberts and Jason Benedek
Sound: Bill Gladstone
Exectutive production: Ken Wilson

Scanning electron photographs are animated and projected through mesh that once trawled for plankton in the Southern Ocean. Calcareous skeletons of coccolithophorids fall to the ocean floor, layer upon layer, after a life near the surface photosynthesising sunlight to make the oxygen we breathe.

Lisa Roberts2014


Diatomacea 2014
Data: Gustaaf Hallegreaff
Animation/video: Lisa Roberts
Music: Rupert Summerson
Exectutive production: Ken Wilson

A set of vintage slides from a private collection are observed through a microscope, photographed at different focal lengths and compiled to make animation. Glassy forms of diatom skeletons are revealed in intricate detail.

Lisa Roberts2014


See     Oceanic Living Data 2014.