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Oceanic Living Data Installation (2012-Ongoing)
Materials: Acrylic mesh, Steel, Digital animation
Size: Variable
Looping animation length: Variable

Excerpt from Oceanic Living Data
Music: Sophie Green
Rozelle School of Visual Arts, Sydney
26 March 2012


Oceanic Living Data A floating screen of plankton mesh is illuminated by animations that combine stories, hypotheses, data and iconography shared by scientists and other artists. Like a scientific model, the Oceanic Living Data installation evolves to reflect current knowledge. The story is that a healthy environment maintains homeostasis (balance) between its parts and that human actions are tipping the natural balance. Recent data are graphs that show sea levels rising and diagrams that show changing patterns of growth in some plants and animals. Iconography are circling, spiraling and crossing lines that dynamically connect parts to suggest the whole system. Unlike a scientific model, this model can be touched. You can move through it and feel part of it.

This work was selected for presentation at the 2012 Antarctic Treaty Consultative meeting (ATCM).


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