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Living Data: Conserving
Animation: Lisa Roberts for Living Data(2015)
Art: from Beware of Pedestrians(1994)
and from contributors to Antarctic Animation(2007-2010)
and Living Data(2012-2015)
Data (Krill biology): Australian Antarctic Division(2009-2014)


Walk Through Living Dataat University of Technology Sydney, for Sydney Science Festival (2015)


Living Data: Align
Microscopy / Animation: Sue Fenech, Lisa Roberts, Jason Benedek
Video: William Gladstone
Data: University of Technology Sydney, Australian Antarctic Division
Music: Matthew Dewey, excerpt from his symphony No.2 ex Oceano2013
Courtesy Lynchpin - the Ocean project

Scientific data for this animation come from Sydney Harbour and Antarctica: Phytoplankton (microscopic plants) that produce every second molecule of oxygen we breathe, Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill) that stir up nutrients in the ocean to replenish new life, and the Circumpolar Current (around Antarctica) that drives global climate change from the South.


Waterways exhibitionCentral Park, Sydney
23 March - 30 April 2015


Phytoplankton Dance
Animation: Lisa Roberts
Music: Matthew Dewey, excerpt from his symphony No.2 ex Oceano2013
Courtesy Lynchpin - the Ocean project


The Invisible Committee Silent Reading
Animation, sound: Lisa Roberts, 2015
Words: From page 107 of The Coming Insurrection
by The Invisible Committee
Published anonymously, 2008

...understand plankton biology;
soil composition;
study the way plants interact...

get to know possible uses for
and connections with
our immediate environment...

as well as the limits
we can't go beyond
without exhausting it.


Marine Ecologist Gestures

Gestures: Andrew Davidson
Animation: Lisa Roberts


Marine Ecologist Talk

Speaker: Andrew Davidson, Senior Research Scientist,
Australian Antarctic Division
Video: Lisa Roberts