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Beware of Pedestrians

Pedestrians express contradictory responses to their urban world.

1994 Beware of Pedestrians. Film, b/w 16mm
Animation generated using IBM and Amiga systems with Autodesk Animator pro and Deluxe Paint IV software. Digital files rephotographed frame by frame to 16mm film.

Music: David Wells and Merophie Carr
Image transfer: David Atkinson, RMIT
Sound engineering: Barry Jones
Funding: Australian Film Commission New Image Research
Sponsor: Autodesk


Launched at the the exhibition, Beware of Pedestrians Gallery 101 Melbourne, and screened at the 44th Melbourne International Film Festival.



The closest reference points to the visually unique style of computer animation that Lisa has developed seem to be that hand drawn direct on film work of filmmakers such as Norman McLaren and Len Lye (see 'Free Radicals".) Lisa has herself worked extensively in this area.

Over the last twenty years Lisa has drawn upon her training in dance and incorporated this into her film work, such as "Still Lifes" in the late 70's and "Morrish Dance" in the late 80's. "Beware of Pedestrians is a further exciting development of her interest in dance and film.

Michael Buckley, Multimedia artist
Melbourne, 1995


Coming from a painting tradition, Lisa Roberts can be described as one of the most promising of New Age artists.

In this work she explores her interest in the animated image, by way of computer and electronic imaging in the tradition of cubism and constructivist, as the natural accompaniment of sound.

Roger Palmer,
the 44th Melbourne International Film Festival Programme, 1995


Beware of Pedestrians is a procession, a parade, a march, an architectural ballet of shapes and non-gender figures moving left to right across a black screen. Animated white lines reveal a polymorphic form: a model used in osteopathy to analyse human movement. Figures move through the accordian music and drum beats of David Wells and Morophie Carr, exploring space and time and energy in the weightless world of a digital stage.

Lisa Roberts,
Beware of Pedestrians exhibition catalogue, 1995
ISBN 0 646 24336 5


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