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1994 Beware of Pedestrians. Film, b/w 16mm
Animation is generated using IBM and Amiga systems with Autodesk Animator pro and Deluxe Paint IV software. Digital files are rephotographed frame by frame to 16mm film.

Music: David Wells and Merophie Carr
Image transfer: David Atkinson, RMIT
Sound engineering: Barry Jones
Funding: Australian Film Commission New Image Research
Sponsor: Autodesk

Contradictory responses are made to a world co-created by fellow pedestrians.


1994 The Perfect Dream. Interactive touch screen installation. Mixed media: AstorTV, touch screen computer monitor, Amiga computer, digital prints, varnish.



1994 The Infinite Tree Animated video, Colour, 4 mins

A simplicity of design is used in a gentle ballet of objects and figures that move under the canopy of the infinte tree.

Michael Buckley

The 43rd Melbourne International Film Festival Programme

June 2-17 1994, p. 67



1994 Maze. Interactive site map for The Perfect Dream (below) and later, Terra Incognita (2000) Roget's Circular (2001) and Hindsight (2006).

Code by Ruth Luxford.