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A Little Skiting on the Side:

An Identity Distinct project
Devised and facilitated by Flinders Island artist Annabel Apps

2000, A Little Skiting on the Side. Still from the interactive CDROM

Images, animations, stories, music, and poetry were composed by people from the Flinders Island community through meetings, workshops, walks and talks with people in their homes, studios, and favourite places. These were worked together into a "digital tapastry': A Little Skiting on the Side, an interactive CDROM (windows O.S.).

The project evolved over three visits during 2000. Most of the media digitising, editing and aurthoring was done in my Launceston studio in between visits. Communication with community members was maintained off island through post, telephone and email.

Composed as an Identity Distinct Community Arts project and funded by The Australia Council, through Tasmanian Regional Arts, 'Skite' was screened with live performances by the music group, "Road Kill" (who made the sound track), at Launceston's Bass Strait Forum and in the Community Hall on Flinders Island.