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Dance and Drawing

Dance and drawing provide a common freeing of the spirit in space and time. Drawing workshops are inspired by the teachings of Johanna Exiner and Barbara Cuckson. Inspiration comes also from my experience as an animator of human movement within a dynamic natural world.

Exercises in body placement, strengthening, flexibility, dynamics and improvisation lead to practice and creation of movement patterns. Taking turns to dance and draw allows for recognition of relationships between patterns experienced in three dimensions and marks made in two dimensions that combine experience and observation. A range of drawing materials is explored.

Workshops offer a supportive, non-competitive environment for students of dance, drawing and animation. Beginners in all mediums are welcome.

ROZELLE SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, 57 Nelson Street, Rozelle, Sydney.

Email for further information about term dates and how to enrol.

Daniela Giorgi explores Drawing Movement with Lisa Roberts at the Rozelle School of Visual Arts, Sydney, 2011. Photos: Geoffrey Robertson


Yoris Everaerts and Christine McMillan move and draw. Dickson Street Hall, Sydney, 2007. Photos: Christine McMillan & Lisa Roberts