Illuminating the Macquarie thesaurus 2001

Pedestrians Terra Incognita A Little Skiting on the Side Roget's Circular Icemelt The Life and Death Show


I had just completed de-bugging the Roget's Circular interactive script. It was time to invite people to test drive it and give feedback and suggestions. Dr Deborah Malor (Tasmanina University) suggested we seek a publisher for it, someone who already publishes thesauruses. So one day I walked down the hill from my house in Launceston and into the local bookshop. Reading the flyleaf of the Macquarie thesaurus, I was struck by the passion in the writing of its editor, Richard Tardiff. I immediately walked back up the hill and phoned the Macquarie Library and was astonished to hear him introduce himself! He listened to my description of 'Roget' and with no hesitation, said "I think we might be able to do something with this". He asked me to send him a copy and I did. Within a week he'd called back, saying that Macquarie were just about to publish their first electronic edition of their thesaurus and that he could envisage 'wormholes' between the reference work and the artwork. Around six months later the publication was out, incorporating Roget's Circular in its entirety.

The coding and interface design for the integration between the Macquarie thesaurus and Roget's Circular were done by a Melbourne company.











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